Laboratory diagnostic equipment

Modern veterinary laboratories conduct a diverse list of studies that include all types of biochemical, bacteriological, serological, cytological, hormonal, pathological analysis.

Opportunities for veterinary medicine today cover hematology, immunology, immunochemistry, coagology, histology and many other scientific fields.

We offer various types of analyzers and veterinary equipment.

Rapid-tests for Veterinary

Today, the diagnosis of animals’ infectious diseases is a very urgent task. At the same time, doctors and patients need a reliable diagnosis, which would allow to prescribe the most effective and adequate treatment in the shortest time possible.

Perfect analysis is a fast analysis. But the result obtained in the rapid diagnosis, the reliability should not be inferior to the results obtained by the staff in specialized conditions. At present, new technological possibilities have appeared in veterinary medicine to effectively address this problem with the use of rapid tests of a new generation.

Rapid tests are actually a typical mini-laboratory.
Rapid tests are easy to use, do not require special lengthy sample preparation, the reaction takes place in a short time.
The tests we offer take about 10 minutes. And at the same time, this method is quite reliable – reliability reaches 95-98%.


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HANGZHOU ALLTEST BIOTECH CO.,LTD has been created with the sole objective of benefitting the stakeholders in healthcare industry with major stake in POCT business including rapid tests.

Экспресс-тесты для ветеринарии VECHEK