At the territory of the Republic of Belarus our company is the official representative of Polish company HTL-STREFA .

We can offer :

  • certified and safe products,
  • high quality products,
  • acceptable prices,
  • effiecient selection of goods.

HTL-STREFA is a world-leading medical device company that develops manufactures and sells safety lancets, personal lancets, and pen needles for insulin injection. Their modern manufacturing process and nearly 20 years of experience on the global market allows them to successfully ensure safety and convenience. The company employ a continuous improvement strategy to analyze and update products, implementing improvements and launching new solutions to meet the changing needs of both patients and health care professionals. They aim to fulfill the most restrictive hygienic and sterility standards. The design of the products is defined by ergonomics, simplicity and reliability.

Safe lancets

Безопасные ланцеты

Greiner Bio-One International GmbH is an international medical technology company made up of four business divisions. Preanalytics develops innovative collection systems for human and veterinary samples that make the flow of daily routine tasks in hospitals, laboratories or doctors’ surgeries simpler and safer.

Greiner Bio-One Pre-analytics is a global market leader in plastic vacuum systems for taking biomaterials. Products Greiner Bio-One tested by leading European and American control organizations. The entire production process of these systems is certified according to ISO 9001/9002.

Blood and urine collect systems Greiner-Bio-One (Austria)

Системы для взятия крови и мочи Greiner Bio-One (Австрия)

Capillary blood collection MiniCollect®

Системы взятия капиллярной крови MiniCollect®

Systems for identification erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ERSESR)

Системы для определения СОЭ

Innovational equipment  for veins’ visualisation VeinViewer®

VeinViewer®- визуализация вен



Blood collection systems VACUETTE®

Системы для забора крови VACUETTE®

Catalog of vacuum tubes VACUETTE®

Каталог вакуумных пробирок VACUETTE®

Containers for used sharp objects

Контейнеры для использованных острых предметов

 Cap VacuDrop for test-tubes (for smears)

Насадка VacuDrop к пробиркам (для мазков)

Accessories urine collection VACUETTE®

Вспомогательные приспособления для сбора мочи VACUETTE®