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Simplified Blood Lactate Test Meter
Lactate Pro2

Milk acid (Lactate) is the final product of glycolysis. Level of this acid in blood allowes to estimate the ratio in between aerobic oxydation and anaerobic glygolysis. Hypoxia during exercise increases the content of milk acid in blood, resulting lactate has negative effect on contractile processes in the muscles. Besides that decrease in introcellular pH can reduce the enzymatic activity and thereby slow down the physicochemical mechanisms of muscle contraction, which ultimetly effects athletic performance.

A high concentration of lactate leads to the following consequences:

  • Muscle fatigue.
  • Acidosis of muscle cells and extracellular space, the violation of various functions within muscle cells.
  • Disruption of coordination abilities.
  • Increased risk of injury.
  • Slowing the formation of creatine phosphokinase (for energy resynthesis).
  • Reduced fat utilization.


  • Required blood sample volume is 0.3µl.
  • Measurement completed in 15 seconds.
  • High data precision.
  • Palm size (100*50*12 mm), weight is 45 g (with battery).
  • Stores up to 330 measurement results.
  • Each test strip is individually wrapped.


  • Sample: fresh capillar blood.
  • Reagent: Lactate Pro2 Test Strip.
  • Measurement object: lactate level in whole blood.
  • Principles of measurements: enzymatic electrode method for the determination of lactate oxidase.
  • Range of measurements: 0.5- 25 mmol/l.
  • Display: LCD.
  • External output: yes (for USB cable).
  • Conditions for measurements: air temperature 5-40C, humidity  20-80%.
  • Battery type: 3V lithium battery СR2032 – 1pc.

Manufacturer: Arkray, Japan

Персональный анализатор лактата (молочной кислоты) Lactate Pro2