Biochemistry Manufacturing

The company Viena Medical Ltd. supports in opening your own brand manufacturing plant.

We have a very long and close business relations with top European manufacturers of IVD biochemistry reagents. We have a unique set of suppliers, true manufacturers of each specific biochemistry profile like SUBSTRATES, ELECTROLYTES, LIPIDS, ENZYMES, TURBIDIMETRIC KITS and etc. Wide spread contacts and deep knowledge in international market, ideal price&quality combination let us offer to you the best possible services and support.

We can assisst in all stages of setting up the company from zero point:

– plant rooms needs and requirements;

– equipment used in the process (water preparation, dispencing units, mixing devices and etc);

– QC equipment (analyzers used for quality control);

– staff requirements and training sessions for them;

– marketing tools for sales of your brand products;

– adaptation on open systems support.

and much more…

Every step of the manufacturing process is taken cautiously and with care, resulting in higher quality, better efficiency, and ultimately – better results.

There are several presentations available:

– unlabeled kits (ready to use kits which must be just labelled at your side)

– bulk reagent (ready to use reagent in big volumes 10L, 25L, 50L per bottle, must be dispensed, packed and labelled)

– powder reagent (you receive the powder chemicals with step-by-step instructions how to prepare the working reagent).

We can organize training for you prior the orders where you can see all possible presentations and how to work with them.

Top Tests available (other available upon request):

альбумин / albumin щелочная фосфатаза / alkaline phosphatase
общий белок / total protein альфа-амилаза / amylase
общий белок в моче и СМЖ / total protein URINE & CSF АЛТ / ALT
глюкоза / glucose АСТ / AST
мочевина / urea креатинкиназа общая / CK NAC
мочевая кислота / uric acid креатинкиназа-МВ / CK-MB
креатинин / creatinine ГГТ / γGT
общий билирубин / total bilirubin ЛДГ / LDH
прямой билирубин / direct bilirubin липаза / Lipase
LIPIDS: Specific Proteins:
холестерин / cholesterol C-реактивный белок / CRP
ЛПВП / HDL cholesterol ревматоидный фактор / RF
ЛПНП / LDL cholesterol антистрептолизин О / ASO
триглицериды / tryglicerides ферритин / ferritin
Общие желчные кислоты / Total Bile Acid (TBA) трансферрин / transferrin
Фосфолипиды / phospholipids микроальбумин / microalbumin
ELECTROLYTES: гликированный гемоглобин / HbA1c
кальций / calcium Липопротеин А / Lipoprotein (a)
кальций (арсеназный) / calcium Arsenazo III Белок, связывающий жирные кислоты / H-FABP
фосфор / phosphorus Миоглобин / Myoglobin
магний / magnesium Аденозиндезаминаза / Adenosine deaminase (ADA)
железо / iron Ангиотензинпревращающий фермент / Angiotensin Converting Enzyme (ACE)
ОЖСС / Total Iron Binding Capacity (TIBC) Нейтрофил-желатиназа-ассоциированный липокалин / Neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin (NGAL)
медь / copper Цистатин С / Cystatin C
хлориды / chloride Гомоцистеин / Homocysteine