BIO packaging

According to the definition of the International organization for standardization ISO, biodegradable plastics – polymers, the decomposition of which occurs under the influence of bacteria, fungi and algae.

The main criteria underlying the classification of bioplastics are

  • the type of raw materials used for their production (renewable raw materials, including biopolymers, and minerals – oil and petroleum products),
  • their ability to undergo spontaneous decomposition in the natural environment, that is, biodegradation (respectively, biodegradable and bionerazlagaemye).

The rate of decomposition of bioplastics and, accordingly, bio-packing depends on a number of factors – the type of polymers, the type and concentration of decomposing materials, humidity, temperature and a number of others. Appropriate public opinion and legislative means of influence and regulation contribute to the accelerated dissemination of technologies for the production of such packaging materials.