BIO Packaging Greenplas

Green Environment Solution Investment JSC (Vietnam) company is our partner  specializes in production of disposable tableware and products from biodegradable material GreenPlas – absolutely unique made from green cassava starch and compostable materials. Quality and key properties of products are confirmed by certificates:
DIN CERTCO (Germany);
USDA Certified Biobased Products (United States Department of Agriculture).
Main advantages of Greenplas products are:

  • made by natural plants,
  • will not harm the environment,
  • decompostable (natural compost),
  • fast decomposition (about 3-6 months),
  • raw material is not the mail food,
  • can be compounded with plant  fiber materials,
  • can be widely used in agriculture, industry, food, catering, retail, etc.

In the product range you can find now or at near future:

  • disposible straws,
  • disposible tablewear, soup bawl,
  • drink cups,
  • food containers,
  • shopping bag,
  • masterbatch,
  • composite.