Molecular Diagnostics

We are one of the most experienced molecular diagnostics suppliers in Belarus. We provide high-quality and professional solutions for infectious diseases diagnostics. AmpliSense™ real-time PCR diagnostic kits include over 150 different real-time PCR diagnostic kits and each product is supported by professional staff as well as by trained service engineers.

Especially dangerous infections
Genetic markers of antibiotic resistance
Hepatitis viruses infections
Herpes-Virus Infections
HIV and HIV-associated infections
Human Papilloma virus Infections
Intestinal infections
Oncological disease
Purulent septic infections
Respiratory infections
Sexually Transmitted Infections

We are the distributors of Bio Molecular Systems (Australia) and it`s unique MIC qPCR Cycler and MYRA pipetting station.



Automatic DNA/RNA extraction using Versa 10 by Aurora Biomed (Canada).

Автоматическая система выделения ДНК и раскапки

Eдиная платформа для экстракции и раскапки ПЦР

BGI (China/USA) is the largest manufacturer of full – genome NGS-sequencers.

NGS-sequencer MGISEQ-2000

Секвенатор MGISEQ-2000

NGS-sequencer MGISEQ-200

Секвенатор MGISEQ-200