MALDI TOF mass-spectrometry

Automated mass spectrometry microbial identification system 

Autof MS1000/MALDI-TOF

Professional spectrum identification platform with comprehensive databases

Fast and accurate microbial identification platform for clinical, drug testing and other research applications

Sample workflow

  1. Pick an isolated colony
  2. Smear on the target slide and add matrix
  3. Load to Autof MS1000 system
  4. Software generates spectrum automatically, the spectrum instantly matched against reference database to give identification
  5. Final rewiev by microbiologist

How MALDI-TOF works:

• Put the sample mixed with matrix on the target slide to high-vacuum cassette position.
• lonize the sample bу pulsed laser.
• The ions obtain the same kinetic energy and go through the fIigth time detector.
• The mass charge ratio of the ions is proportional to the square of the flying time.
• The idlentification results are availabte by comparing with the reference spectrums in the database.


• lnnovative optical design enhances the resolution.
• FPGA chip improves accuracy and stability of slide positioning.
• High power turbo molecular pump realizes the sim­ultaneous tests one slide loaded.
• lon source vacuum degree up to 10¯7 mbar.
• Unique signal acquisition system guarantees high repeatability.
• 0.01μ high-precision pump filter reduces biolo­gical risk.


Acquisition system

• Efficient batch processing system saves labor costand time.
• Rapid identification module obtains a sample result in 0.1 seconds.
• LIS connection available.
• Real-time acquired spectrums improve the conveni­ence.

Analysis system

• Customised report templates and database self-built functions supported.
• Multi-functional microbiaI mass spectromettry analysis supported.
• Highly integrated functional design.


• А large number of quality control strains from various fields.
• Real-time updating system meets the requirements of multiple industries.



• 337 nm nitrogen laser, fixed focus
• Maximum pulse rate: 60 Нz (60 laser shots per second)
• Laser power and laser aim under software control


• Linear flight tube of 1.05 m drift length
• Vacuum maintained by а mechanical pump and а turbo molecular pump

Mass range



• Size(W*L*H, mm): 450 х 705 х 1280
• Weight: 101 kg excluding data system

lnstallation requirements

• Stable and continuous power supply
• Temperature: 10-30°C
• Humidity: less than 70% non-condensing
• Vibration free

Accessories and reagents
Ready-to-use and light-stable reagents provided

• No extra reagent preparation required.
• No need to perform stability studies of reagents.

Autobio provides а complete solution of microblology

  1. Culture: MicroblalogicaI culturing plate and blood culture system.
  2. Identification: Autof MS 1000 Drying chemoenzymatic culturing medium.
  3. AST: Mycoplasma IES, Fungi ID/AST…MIC test strip.